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Melvin was a great trainer and worked to personalize the workout. Can't express enough how knowledgeable he is with fundamentals! Focusing on accuracy and helping create a plan to meet your goals, Melvin is an excellent Coach. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to truly see an advancement in their sport and reach their potential!


It took Coach Melvin all of about about 2 minutes to come up with an effective plan for the development of my son. Very attentive and knowledgeable about the sport and techniques to improve strength, coordination, economy of movement, etc. Also knows how to motivate and keep the attention of a 10 year old, which is a definite plus. Fantastic Coach. Scheduling future appointments immediately. Would definitely recommend.


Great session with Coach Melvin! At 63 years of age, I was nervous about how he would approach our training session. But I should not have worried. He was very professional, encouraging, and gave me some excellent pointers. As well as things to work on during my own workouts. I would definitely recommend Coach Melvin to anyone who is looking to improve on the court (even if you are a bit "long in the tooth").


My son attended his first one-on-one session and was so excited that he was ready to go back. He shared with me all of his pointers, things he did well and things he needed to work on, all while having fun! From a parent’s perspective, Melvin is awesome at responding right away and listening to all I wanted for my son to get out of it, which was more than just basketball skills.


My son recently had his first session with Coach Melvin and it was a great experience for him and myself. Leading up to me booking the first session Coach Melvin was always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. I'm looking forward to seeing my son's skills improve as he continues to train with coach!!


Coach Melvin is a wonderful coach. He's very detail with the training techniques and he also make it enjoyable. The kids are having so much fun working with him and they respond so well. I'm looking forward to our next session.


Coach Melvin was great. My Son immediately connected with him and enjoyed his first training session. He feels very confident in his training skills and looks forward to continuing with him!


Coach Melvin is a GREAT coach! If you are looking for a coach that is patience, organize, fun to work with , and that has a well thought out practice session, Coach Melvin is the man for the job. My son has worked with several coaches before but coach Melvin is bring it altogether for my son. Thanks Coach Melvin!


I really enjoyed my first session with coach Melvin. His workout plan was everything I needed and some. I am looking forward to my next session, I know working with coach Melvin is going to get me to the next level. Thanks Coach!


Coach Melvin has been fantastic!! My son has not only shown great improvement, but he describes his sessions as fun and enjoys going to them. We have had 5 sessions with Melvin and I just signed up for 3 more sessions because they have been going so great! I will continue to use Melvin for any future sessions with my children and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a basketball coach!


I have been extremely pleased with Melvin's work as a basketball coach. My son is a beginner, and Melvin has been very patient while teaching him all aspects of the game. He comes well prepared and is able to hold his attention using various methods and techniques during each session. I have seen my son progress in a short amount of time and he has become more confident in his abilities. I would recommend Melvin to anyone looking for a basketball coach, whether they are beginners or more advanced


Coach Melvin was a great coach. I never seen my son so worn out like today. Great workout. Will see him again. I know he is going to bring the best out of my son.

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